Tips for business success on Facebook

Does your company already have its own page on Facebook? You can attract a lot of visitors and you are in direct contact with your target group. But how do you get the most benefit from this for your startup? You can read that in this checklist: 6 tips for business success on Facebook.

1. Log in to Facebook

Actually a condition rather than a tip. If you are not yet on Facebook, now is the time to do so.

In order to profile your business, brand or product on this platform, you must have an active profile.

Business page on Facebook

Profiles are for users, pages for organizations, projects and other initiatives, Facebook argues.

Promotion products and services

Whether you are a Facebook fan or not: becoming active on this platform has its advantages, because you can also immediately use your family, friends and business contacts from your network to promote your products and / or services.

Privacy settings Facebook

Those who really do not like the fact that business and private life can sometimes get mixed up together can adjust the privacy settings of their profile to their wishes and tighten them if necessary.

Facebook is quite flexible in this regard. If you do not want colleagues and / or customers to see photos of a pleasant outing with your family, you can easily set that on your profile. Read more about privacy on Facebook.

Update privacy


With every update that Facebook makes, the privacy conditions can be adjusted again.

This is also relevant if you use Facebook with your smartphone or tablet. It is therefore smart to check your profile information after every update.

Successful administration

Do you want to keep your business and private administration in order? A business account is free for starting entrepreneurs in the first half of the year.

Knowing more

2. Create a business page

Once you have an active Facebook profile, you can immediately create a business page. Users or other companies and institutions can become ‘fans’ of this.

Create business page

Go to ‘Create page’ and click on the icon that applies to your situation. In most cases it will be a company or brand.

You can then supplement your page with important data and upload the company logo as an image, for example .

Corporate identity business page

The beauty of such a business page is that you can give this ‘profile’ roughly the same house style as the style you use on your business website.

This can be done, for example, by adding extra informative and welcome tabs with more information about your products or events that you will be organizing in the near future.

Manage business page

You are probably the only administrator of the page at the moment, but it is of course also possible to appoint multiple administrators in the future.

These participants must of course also have an active Facebook profile.

3. Be interactive

We no longer have to explain to you that social media is not just a matter of sending information.

Social media is interactive and should always be regarded as an online form of two-way traffic; in this way, like the face of a company or brand, you will be actively talking to customers.

Comments on your Facebook page

This can provide the necessary positive publicity, but also be prepared for negative reactions , for example an angry message from someone who is not happy with a lack of delivery.

Responding to social media is not allowed anyway. And it is very important in these kinds of urgent cases that you do not ignore such complaints, but talk to the customer.

React fast

Never wait too long to answer (users nowadays assume that they will get an answer within a few hours).

Post a response apologizing for the state of affairs and saying you’re going to find out what went wrong here.

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